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Like the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly,
you are designed to fly.

Transformational & Healing Spaces

By becoming more aware of what you don't know,

you can train yourself to learn and develop new skills to transform into the shape that can fly by itself.

Your inner structure expands to include new possibilities that were not available to you before, while you release some of the baggage (expectations, stories, blocks, unconscious decisions, beliefs, resentments and so on) that you have been carrying around,

so that your Being has more space to speak, move and unfold in the world.

Next Culture needs you Aliveness.

Have you had enough of surviving?

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Rage Club

If you don't own your Anger, your Anger owns you

Rage Club

Awaken the Warrior-ess within

The purpose of Rage Club is to change your relationship with your Anger so that you can consciously use it as an Adult to create the results you want in your life.

Using your Anger elegantly to create your life requires practice.

Practice happens in Rage Club


In Rage Club you become effective in

Making Boundaries

Creating Clarity

Being centred


Holding space



I deliver Rage Club for groups and in

1 on 1 coaching sessions

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Mikis Van Geffen

Rage club brought me on a journey where my relationship with anger changed significantly. Jacopo along with two other space holders guided me step by step in experiments where I discovered how anger is a neutral energy and super versatile. It can be used consciously to create grounding, presence, clarity, intimacy, boundaries, to name a few. 


The space inspired me to be vulnerable, to go deeper in my experiences and to bring me to some of my edges. One of the layers it exposed is how I used to avoid anger. For instance out of fear for loud angry voices, for other men or how I had learned that anger is bad.    


Jacopo held the space in a grounded, focussed and calm way which made it safe and inviting to be open hearted and gradually built the connection and intimacy with the other men over the four weeks. It was serious, fun and playful, all of that!  

Very inspiring and such a necessity in the culture I live in."

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