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This is my personal website where you will find my services, research and upcoming events.

I'm an inventor for Next Culture

Archiarchy is the new culture blossoming around the world now that Patriarchy has run its course.

My work is rooted in the soil of Radical Responsibility and is watered by the tools and

distinctions of Possibility Management.


I deliver  thoughtware upgrades for edge workers who want to to take their next step in

creating a new way of being with themselves, others and the planet.

I create evolutionary spaces of healing and transformation

for individuals and groups through trainings and coaching sessions.

I am a doorway for Love, Presence and Simplicity. 

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Modern culture is a perfectly functioning crashing plane, based on hierarchical structures where humanity is encouraged to step on each other in order to climb the ladder of success.

Gaia's message is clear and loud: 'Things must change!

Regenerative Cultures are springing up like mushrooms all over the world, with people hearing Gaia's voice and exploring, experimenting, messing up and trying again new sustainable ways of living.

To create Next Culture, we need your seed to sprout and grow into the fullness of what you can become. 

We need your voice, your presence, the bigness of your soul and the wisdom of your heart to step into new territories and co-create Next Culture.

Blue Skies

Discovery Space

30 min | $20

What can I do for you?

Conscious Feelings Work

Feelings are inner resources to create and navigate life.

I support you in learning how to feel.

By learning how to consciously feel and use the energy and information of your feelings you become more Present, Alive, Clear and Creative. 

Emotional Healing Process

Emotions are unexpressed feelings from the past

that are re-act in the present when triggered.

An Emotional Healing Process is a nonlinear journey to complete what hasn't been expressed and free up space and attention for your Adult to come alive.

Whip Destroyer

You might be an expert at whipping yourself

for not being who you should be or what others expect you to be. 'I'm not ok, I'm always a mess, I'm wrong, I sould not exist'.

All these sentences are energetic whips you use against yourself.

I can support you in destroing these whips.

Men Coaching

Man,  you have learned how to be somebody.

How to be a good father, a good partner, a good friend, a good employer, a good man (or the complete opposite).

By constantly trying to be somebody, the price you are paying is that you do not get to be you.

What is left when you drop the different masks you identify yourself with?

Shift Identity

Identity is a role you play.

'Mother', 'doctor', 'shy', 'actor', ' joker', 'guru', 'nice boy', 'the good citizen'.

We are trained to not have any gap between our identity and ourselves.

You think you are your identity.

What if you are not?

When you consciously shift your identity like you do with clothes in your wardrobe and do not identify with your personality you gain access to the space of endless possibilities.

Dismantling Resentments

It only takes one resentment to kill intimacy.

When you find one resentment, when feel 'disappointed' or betrayed, this is the time to go through this process.

By dismantling your resentments you free up space in yourself to be able to be in connection and meet others.

These are some examples of what I can do for you in a Coaching Session

Online or in person

60-90 min | NZD/EUR 60-90

Up-coming Trainings & Events


Gifts & Resources


Patricia McGee, NZ

I did several emotional healing processes with Jacopo, with the purpose of being in the experience and feeling rather than giving a story or description.
Jacopo gently and persistently encouraged me to take the space to feel and not to rush it. He kept bringing me back to the sensations in my body, without trying to squeeze the experience into words, and then allow any words that wanted to come. It was new for me to express my feelings by placing most of my attention in my body and gave me joy to discover I could do this. Jacopo was perceptive with his questions and brought distinctions at different times that expanded my thinking e.g that our bodies experience something every moment. 

James Samuel, NZ

Jacopo followed up with a call after my first ETB (Expand The Box) training two years ago. He held an open space that I found easy to be in. Feelings bubbled up and Jacopo’s curiosity welcomed them. 


Since then he has held space for me in a number of EHP (Emotional Healing Processes), and I sense his skills have been refined so his active participation and guiding of each session has been increasingly potent. 


Go Jacopo, you’re doing valuable work.


Liliya Sunshine, USA

Jacopo is a magician spaceholder. I was able to undo a life long pattern in 1 session with him. And a month later after the session the results are still stable. He intuits the right questions and skillfully navigates to the very core of an issue.

Get in Touch

264 Mc Shane Road,
Wainui Bay, Takaka, 7183
New Zealand

+64 02109051291

Receive the next Events and Trainings

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Thanks for your Yes!

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