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Hello, my name is Jacopo

My life has been rich in unexpected shifts that have created whole new realities and situations for me to jump into something completely different and unknown.


As a child and young man I learned that life is linear.

I went to school, I got a job, I bought a car, I bought a house, I found a partner, all was 'good'.

I believed that creating the best linear life possible was what life was all about, until I was ready to ask myself these questions:


Is this it? Is there nothing else?

These questions were the first clear threshold I crossed at the age of 21.

At the age of 21, I left my home country, Italy for the first time, leaving behind the comforts of the linear life I had built.

I now know that what I was looking for was an initiation into adulthood and the magic of life.

Since modern culture does not provide this rite of passage for young adults, I unconsciously created it for myself.

Through travelling I learned that there is no "one way to live", that there is more than what I can see and experience with my five senses, and that I could survive by leaving my mother, my father, my country of birth and the patriarchy, the culture I was born and raised in.

Through travelling I learned that I could live beyond survival.

Over time, I learned what I did not want my life to be.

A life of mere survival, focused on winning the patriarchal game at all costs, with those costs being my own realness and aliveness.

What else is possible? 

​This question is what drives my life now.

I am researching and co-creating with other cultural creatives a different way of being with others and the planet, with simplicity, love, presence and respect.

I now live with my family in Tui Community, an intentional community at the top of the South Island of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Together with a group of people, I am creating Ontree Archiarchy Invention Centre, the field in which Gaia thrives and Archiarchy unfolds. 

Together we are researching new regenerative ways of being with each other and the planet while delivering our non-material value into the world.

Living with other people, creating family and being in close contact with the land I stand on, feeds my life with new lessons every day. 

I no longer travel to countries.

What I travel now are the territories of people's inner worlds.

In 2021 I discovered Possibility Management.

A context of work rooted in Radical Responsibility that gives clear thought maps to navigate inner worlds with the purpose of creating a new culture of initiated adult Men creatively collaborating with initiated adult Women.

It was another threshold that opened my eyes to my own incompetences and gave me new tools and possibilities to create new results in my life.

With Possibility Management I discovered that I am radically responsible for what I create in my life, whether I like it or not.

I now hold space for this transformation to happen, to support others to find their gifts and co-create Next Culture.

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264 Mc Shane Road,
Wainui Bay, Takaka, 7183
New Zealand

+64 02109051291

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